Below, you find the links to download the most recent Lite version of each one of the programs I am developing at the moment; the most recent Pro version of these programs is offered to those that make a donation to the corresponding project.

These programs can be downloaded in two different formats: as an executable file or as a compressed one.

The executable file can be executed from the target location (assuming you have executing privileges on that folder) as soon as the download finishes; for this reason, some browsers refuse to download this kind of files, as they can be an easy vector for viruses.

If your browser is one of those that dislikes executable files, then you can download the desired program in a compressed format; this format obliges you to decompress the executable file before you can use it. After it is decompressed (assuming you have executing privileges on the folder to where it is decompressed), you can start using the program as if it had been directly downloaded as an executable file.

For some of the programs, the compressed file, besides the executable one, contains other files that when not present in the folder where the executable is located are unpacked by it when it is executed.

Some of these other files are shared by more than one of the programs; thus, if you use more than one of them, you should run them from the same folder, because, in this case, only one group of the shared files takes space in your disk.

None of the programs listed above ever attempts to connect to the network, neither directly nor indirectly (by use of a third-party program).

In this way, you are wellcome (and even advised) to completelly block them at your firewall. If you do this, it will be easier for you to catch a program that may try to disguise as one of mine in order to attempt to connect to the network.

If you would like to test all the lite versions, then you can download the following compressed file, which contains all of the above mentioned programs: